FRONTEERING focuses on the most unspoiled environments of this world but this does not mean that they are not in need of your help! Volunteer abroad to protect and sustain the environment in amazing places like the Amazon Jungle, the famous coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea and lesser known and explored places as the Rupununi Savanna's of Guyana. To sustain a environment it unfortunately needs a dollar value in order for local governments to decide to leave the land to miners and loggers who will exhaust the land or to develop tourism for longer term sustainable value.  FRONTEERING offers many environmental volunteer abroad opportunities by for example building rangers stations for protection, environmental research for evaluation and building eco-friendly cabins and trails to open up eco-friendly tourism to give a sustainable value to the environment. 

Amazon Amerindians

Venture in to one of the last unspoiled frontiers of this world; the jungles of Guyana Amazon. A last unspoiled tropical wilderness, a safe haven for wildlife and a land of giants. Are you ready to help sustain this last paradise?

4 Weeks Starting From
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type Volunteer with Indigenous People
  • Duration 4 or 8 weeks

Amazon Guide Brazil

Travel to Brazil one of the world’s largest countries in to the heart of the worlds largest jungle. Learn Portuguese, Teach the staff English, educate the public about the importance to sustain the Amazon Jungle and assist as a guide in exiting overnight survival trips!

2 Weeks for
  • Location Brazil
  • Continent South America
  • Type Environmental/Eco-Tourism Volunteer
  • Duration 2 - 4 weeks

Amazon internship!

Did you ever dream of waking up to the magical concert of the Amazon jungle while working with local Amerindian communities in the amazing Amazon rainforest? Help train this Amerindian community in the three fields needed most: IT, Accounting and Eco-tourism/hospitality management to improve their Amerindian run eco-lodge and trips so that hopefully in the future more tourists will come and in return it will provide a alternative eco-friendly (unlike poaching) income for the villagers!

4 Weeks For
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type IT/Eco-Tourism/Accounting Internship
  • Duration 4 - 12 weeks

Amazon Ranch Project

Did you ever dream to live the life of a cowboy but you haven’t figured out how to travel back in time yet? Then this is your chance! Go back in to time in remote and beautiful Guyana and help to sustain local Amerindian cowboy community’s centuries old lifestyle by rebuilding the ranches and help them set up basic eco-tourism facilities.

4 Weeks Starting From
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type Volunteer with Indigenous People
  • Duration 4, 6 or 8 weeks

eco-lodge, conservation & Ranch

We invite you to the Rupununi; a place of rolling grasslands, where the endless savannah meets the clouds in an endless sky. In our corner of the world, the people are still friendly, the rainforests intact and there is always a good reason to sit and enjoy the sunset with a cold drink and friends, old or new!

4 Weeks Starting for
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type Wildlife Care
  • Duration 4, 6 or 8 weeks

Forest & Coastal Conservation, SA

This program was designed to provide the ultimate conservation experience that covers key topics of basic ecology and biodiversity. If you are passionate about Conservation, people and nature then come take up this amazing volunteer opportunity now!

2 Weeks for
  • Location South Africa
  • Continent Africa
  • Type Wildlife conservation
  • Duration 2, 4 or 6 weeks

highland conservation

Venture in to the spectaculiar Scotland and volunteer abroad taking parth in wildlife and environmental conservation in the remote Scottish Highlands to protect wildife like the Europen Wild Cat, White-Tailed Eagler, European Otter, European Otter, Osprey and Golden Eagle!

8 Weeks for
  • Location Scotland
  • Continent Europe
  • Type Wildlife Conservation!
  • Duration 8-24 weeks

Internship Vancouver

Take the opportunity to take part in a environmental related internship in the world's number one most liveable city: Vancouver!  Need to gain professional experience or if you need to do an internship for your study within the environmental sector, then this is the placement for you!

8 Weeks for
  • Location Canada
  • Continent North America
  • Type Environmental Internship
  • Duration 8 weeks

Lake Baikal Conservation

Journey to the Great Baikal Lake found in Russia and become a part of an amazing team and worthwhile cause at our Baikal Ecotourism Development Program!

3 Days Starting From
  • Location Russia
  • Continent Asia
  • Type Conservation Program
  • Duration 3 Days

Mangrove Forest Conservation

Looking for an awesome conservation project? Then your search is over for we have our Mangrove Forest Conservation project done in Madagascar! Seize this opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, work towards a worthwhile cause and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this marvelous country!

1 Week for
  • Location Madagascar
  • Continent Africa
  • Type Mangrove Forest Conservation
  • Duration 1-4 weeks
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