FRONTEERING focuses on the most unspoiled environments of this world but this does not mean that they are not in need of your help! Volunteer abroad to protect and sustain the environment in amazing places like the Amazon Jungle, the famous coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea and lesser known and explored places as the Rupununi Savanna's of Guyana. To sustain a environment it unfortunately needs a dollar value in order for local governments to decide to leave the land to miners and loggers who will exhaust the land or to develop tourism for longer term sustainable value.  FRONTEERING offers many environmental volunteer abroad opportunities by for example building rangers stations for protection, environmental research for evaluation and building eco-friendly cabins and trails to open up eco-friendly tourism to give a sustainable value to the environment. 

Pantanal Guide Experience

We invite you to Southern Brazil’s Pantanal, the world’s largest wet land! As such a vast tropical wetland, the Pantanal is a very precious resource of Brazil, and home to one of the highest diversities and concentrations of flora and fauna on the planet!

4 weeks For
  • Location Brazil
  • Continent South America
  • Type Sustainable Tourism
  • Duration 4, 6, 8 or 16 weeks

Sri Lanka Wildlife Rescue

Take a trip now to the beautiful Sri Lanka and take us up on this amazing volunteering opportunity where you get to be a part of a worthwhile cause and working alongside an incredible team of staff & volunteers!

1 Week Starting From
  • Location Sri Lanka
  • Continent Asia
  • Type Wildlife and Conservation
  • Duration 1-4 weeks

sustainable Farming

Are you looking for an adventure that you can combine with something meaningful where you have the opportunity helping with sustainable farming, eco-tourism and training of the Amerindian people? Then this might be the project for you.

4 Weeks For
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type Sustainable Organic Farming
  • Duration 4, 8 or 12 weeks

Volunteer & Surf

Travel to a tropical Island off the Caribbean coast of Panama and experience a volunteer abroad project like no other! Help build up and support Native indigenous communities, live in a national park among wildlife on a tropical island and play on the beach and on the surf catching waves!

1 week costs (US$)
  • Location Panama
  • Continent North America
  • Type Indigenous communities
  • Duration 1 - 4 weeks

Wilderness Research

Venture into one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet in Yukon, Canada and help in several projects regarding land and wildlife management in a First Nation Community. Immerse yourself in the culture and tradition of First Nation people while helping in the development of the area.

2 Weeks Starting From
  • Location Canada
  • Continent North America
  • Type Indigenous People
  • Duration 2 - 4 weeks

Wildlife Conservation Sri Lanka

Are you in interested in Wildlife and Conservation? Say no more, take a trip now, take us up on this amazing volunteering opportunity and be a part of our unique and amazing Wildlife Conservation project done in Sri Lanka!

1 Week Starting From
  • Location Sri Lanka
  • Continent Asia
  • Type Wildlife and Conservation
  • Duration 1-4 weeks

Wildlife Research

If you have a fascination for Indigenous culture and would like to help the community and Assist in wildlife research! Join the exciting volunteer program and assist in education development and while you are at it assist with researching the Black Caiman. The indigenous community needs your assistance in school, assist teachers in making school a fun place to be and while at it help research the Black Caiman.

4 Weeks Starting From
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type Wildlife Research
  • Duration 4 or 8 weeks
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