Epic jungle survival trips

Epic jungle survival trips in South America

Are you curious to know whether you could survive in the middle of the jungle? If the idea of getting intentionally lost in a remote destination sounds like an epic adventure, we have some trips where you can try this extreme activity and test your survival skills in the rainforests of Brazil or Guyana. The following experiences, which can be paired with one of our volunteering trips in South America, will allow you to discover whether you have what it takes to get out of the jungle alive!



Become an Amazon guide

If heli-diving sounds like the crazy kind of activity you’d be interested in, we have the perfect trip for you! As part of the Island Survival course in Belize, you’ll jump from a helicopter into the ocean below and swim to the nearest land mass before testing your ability to survive on a deserted island. This trip is coordinated by ex UK Special Forces agents so you’ll be taught survival tips from the best of the best. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will teach you valuable survival skills along with having some wild adventures off the pristine coast of Belize.

Become an Amazon guide in Brazil


Extreme Amazon survival trip

For the more hardcore adventurers, this trip will have you venturing deep into the jungle via speedboat for the survival trip of a lifetime. Choose between a 4 night or 7 night option and be left under the command of a team of ex military jungle rescue commandos who will teach you the basics of survival. Stay in a jungle lodge and sleep under the tree canopy then spend your days learning to fish with a spear, use a bow and arrow, find drinkable water, and navigate the rainforest. This trip will be a true test of your mental and physical abilities.

Do an Amazon survival course in Brazil



Jungle survival trip

For a longer and more in-depth Amazonian adventure, this epic 2 week jungle trip in Guyana will have you learning survival skills from the best of the best, including an ex UK Special Forces Survival Instructor and local Amerindian guides. This trip is for those who want the complete experience of getting lost in the wilderness. Your guides will talk you through overcoming the isolation phase of being alone in the jungle and will teach you valuable skills for survival such as building a shelter, starting a fire without matches or a lighter, and leaving signs for rescuers to discover your location.

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Extreme Guyana tour

If you’re looking for a tour which includes a jungle experience, this 16-day trip through Guyana offers the opportunity to see the country’s natural beauty while also learning some survival skills along the way. You’ll stay on a cowboy ranch, visit remote Amerindian villages, and take a trek through the jungle on this Guyana adventure tour. Visit amazing locations such as the world’s tallest single drop waterfall, and keep a lookout for Amazonian animals such as the poisonous Golden Frog, Anacondas, Jaguars, and Piranhas while you’re exploring South America’s only English-speaking country.



Paima mountain trek


If getting up close to wild Grizzly Bears sounds like an exciting adventure, we can organise an amazing wildlife watching tour for volunteers heading to Canada! See these enormous bears at Knigh Inlet as they swoop up salmon with massive claws on their run upstream between June and October. It’s easy to add this animal experience on to the beginning or end of your trip departing from Vancouver.
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