Paima Mountain Trek

Amazon, Guyana



The Experience

Spear fish, shoot with bow and arrow, live from the forest and sleep in a hammock underneath the jungle canopy. If you are interested in traditional living and up for a true adventure this tour is for you!

This trip will take you in to Guyana’s unspoiled and pristine rainforest, where you will learn some  of the Amerindians traditional ways of living in harmony with the majestic jungle combined with modern day survival techniques. Trek the unexplored Kanuku Mountains, bath in the clear water creeks and hunt the abundance of wildlife around with your camera!


This Is Why

  • Join in on an amazing expedition and explore one of the least explored places on the surface of earth!
  • Travel deep in remote Amazonian Jungles and see rare and endangered wildlife
  • Learn to live in Nature - with Nature through a number of amazing jungle survival techniques
  • Sleep in Hammocks underneath the stars!

Trip Details
  • Key Start Dates
    All year round!
  • Package Price
    9 Days Trek: Per person: 2495 US$ (3 persons minimum needed), 12 days Trek: Per Person 2995 US$ (3 persons minimum needed). 
  • Type
    Good quality shared rooms the first and the last night. All other nights will be spend in your own private hammock underneath the jungle canopy.
  • Internet Access
    No, only when arriving in Georgetown
  • Who Are They Looking For?
    Who are they looking for: Adventurous people with an interest in traditional living, wildlife, survival and nature!

Fast Facts: Guyana

Where? Guyana, Amazon

Country Size: 214,970 km2
83,000 sq mi

Population density? 3.5/km2
9.1/sq mi

Country Famous for? Vaquero's (cowboys), Rupununi Rodeo festival, Unspoiled interior, Amazon jungle, Jaguars, Black Caiman, Giant Otters, Turtles

When to visit: All year round, Wet season runs from May - August.

        • What's Included
          • Trip
            Paima Mountain Trek 9 or 12 days
          • Type
            Group or individual Travel
          • Accommodation
            For the first and last night a Shared room in a guesthouse and while in the jungle your own private hammock underneath the jungle canopy!
          • Meals
            Meals will be provided during the entire expedition which you will help prepare. The food will you will eat will also depend on what you will catch, forage and hunt!
          • Pick up & drop off
            All pick ups and drop off are included, including pick up from the international airport and also to the domestic airport for your domestic flight. This is fully detailed in the itinerary which is available on request.
          • Transfers
            All in-country transfers for the adventure are included, including a domestic flight (both ways). 
          • Ongoing service
            If there are any problems with your trip we are there to help you
          • Tours
            Through FRONTEERING you have the possibility to book additional tours in Guyana
          • 24/7 Emergency contact
            If there are any problems during you stay in Vancouver you can reach us 24/7 to assist you.

          What's not included: International flights, Insurance, Meals when in Lethem and Georgetown

          Package Price:
          9 Days Trek: per person 2495 US$. 12 days Trek: per person 2995 US$.

    • Trip Experience

      This trek will take you to one of the least explored laces on the surface of earth in the pristine rainforest of Guyana. You will obtain skills in traditional Amerindian living as well as modern day survival techniques. You will trek and move camp several times to get you accustomed to setting up camp and the routines needed when being in the jungle. You will train the art of using a traditional wooden bow and learn about useful flora and fauna as well as different fishing techniques. At night time you will walk the dark jungle wild the locals to search for some of the wildlife that realms the forest around. 
      Overall this tour is an excellent mix of all the different aspects of living in the rainforest. You will be challenged physically, learn practical skills from both the modern world and traditional skills from the local Amerindians, have an excellent chance of spotting unique wildlife, fishing opportunities and great photography experiences.
        • Adventure Details

          This trip will teach you about the following subjects: 

          • Setting up camp/shelter and routines.
          • Experience a airplane tour to view this amazing waterfall and it’s surroundings from above
          • How to start a fire with what the jungle provides.
          • Fly deep in to the interior of Guyana towards a amazing adventure in Guyana's unspoiled jungle
          • Prepare to fish for the biggest Piranha, cat fish, peacock bas and other. Trek in the, look out for wildlife, birds and snakes!
          • Learning to find food  in the jungle and how to prepare it.
          • In the evening we go out to find Caiman, Tree snakes and other creatures of the night
          • Health and hygiene
          • Machetes and knives
          • We spent the evening gazing at some of the best star viewing ever.
          • Dangers and opportunities
          • And many other survival techniques! 
  • Fast Facts
    • Project location
      Central and southern Jungle of Guyana
    • Area Famous For
      Amazon Jungle, Rupununi Rodeo, Rupununi Savannah, Vaquero's, Giant Ant Eaters, Wildlife viewing, Amerindian tribes, Rewa River, kaieteur falls
    • When to visit
      All year round
    • Wildlife viewing
      Some of the best in the world, however spotting wildlife can be difficult at first, Harpy Eagle - Largest eagle in the world, Arapaima - Largest fresh water fish in the world, Jaguar - Biggest cat in the Americas,
      giant Otter - largest otter in the world, capybara - Largest rodent in the world, anaconda - The largest snake in the world, bushmaster - World's largest viper
  • Accommodation

    The first and last day there will be shared or private rooms at a guesthouse, while in the jungle you will have your own private hammock under the jungle canopy!

    Things to bring from home

    • Hiking Shoes
    • Rain gear
    • Anti Mosquito repellent + after bite
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat/cap to protect yourself from the sun
    • Suncream
    • Complete Kitlist will be provided after applying or on request


    For your arrival and departure day when in Georgetown Breakfast included butwill have to buy and/or prepare your own lunch and dinner. After you fly to the interior your initial arrival in the dusty frontier town Letherm is not included.. Meals will be provided during the whole expedition while in the jungle.

  • Process & Arrangements

    You are interested and would like to inquire for more information or already determined to book a trip? What’s next?

    • Inquire about a volunteer abroad or adventure travel trip and have any questions answered (what do things costs, safety, visa requirements, travel recommendations, etc)
    • Book your trip and fill out our application form
    • We will update you about any specific requirements you will need to be aware of
    • Get accepted in our program and Pay for your trip
    • Receive your volunteer/trip confirmation
    • In case needed; apply for a visa and in some cases a work permit/police check (certificate of good conduct). At FRONTEERING we have an extensive knowledge and can assist regarding visa related question.
    • Book your flight ticket and update us about your flight details
    • Receive your arrival package
    • Arrange suitable travel and health insurance
    • Consult your doctor and/or local travel clinic for advice on vaccinations and medication which could be recommend for your destination.
    • Prepare for your trip, get your things to bring ready and make sure to be physically fit.
    • We are available for questions any time!
    • Get to ready travel and for your lifetime experience!
    • Our in-country coordinators are there to assist or answer any questions.

My first experience trekking in the jungle landscape was memorable and extremely satisfying to say the least. Moving through the jungle was a mental and physical test as the hours and days went on but it gave a great sense of accomplishment knowing that very few people have traveled to the area. Being of indigenous descent I was already somewhat familiar with the customs, food, and indigenous culture but this trek allowed me to be completely immersed and experience countless things for the first time. The guides were very helpful every step of the way, they instructed and helped with useful skills such as setting up and taking down camp, fire starting, handling a machete, catching fish with a bow and arrow, and where to find sources food sources in the rainforest. Many of the skills learned will surely come in handy for future trips. The night walks looking for wildlife in the creeks and in the jungle were very fun and interesting. This was a very different trip from anything I've done in the past and has given me a significantly greater appreciation for my country of birth. I enjoyed the trek so much and I'm certain that it's just the first of many incredible trips exploring the amazing country of Guyana.


Govinda from Canada



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