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Expedition Forces - Extreme Solutions!

Expeditions Forces Offers Frontier Solutions

Horse Rescue volunteering abroad!

Horse Rescue volunteering around the world!

Epic jungle survival trips

Epic jungle survival trips in South America

5 extreme activities

5 extreme activities for adrenaline junkies

Husky Ranch Volunteering!

Volunteer on a husky Dog Sled ranch in the USA, Canada and Scotland!

6 activities on Kangaroo Island!

6 essential nature activities for volunteers on Kangaroo Island

Amazing adventure New Zealand!

Are you drawn to the lush landscapes of New Zealand? Here’s your chance to dive deep into the natural forests and meet some native animals. From December to April, you can take advantage of the summer months to volunteer at a nature sanctuary and travel around the north island. Get ready for the ultimate eco volunteering adventure with this month-long New Zealand trip itinerary!

Week 1: Auckland and Bay of Islands

Amazing Wildlife Australia

5 amazing animals you can volunteer with Down Under!
We all know that Australia has an abundance of totally adorable and wonderfully unique animals, but did you know that it’s possible to get to know them in depth through volunteering experiences? Here’s a few that you might like to become friends with while exploring the land down under!

Wildlife of the Amazon Part 1: Mammals

Wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest Part 1: Mammals
We have the great privilege of being one of the few to run volunteer abroad programs in Guyana's unspoiled Amazon rainforest. Guyana's Amazon is the most northern reach of the Amazon Basin and also some of the last untouched tropical rainforest in the world. Being in Guyana is always a pleasure and you never know which animals you encounter. Whenever we think we have seen it all some interesting animals introduces itself that we had no clue of even existed.

The ones that got away! Part 3

The ones that got away! Part 3

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