Top Wildlife Watching Trips Canada

In this blog post we will go over some of the most exciting wildlife watching trips in Canada which we really recommend to join after you have finished with your volunteer abroad project in North America.


Below you will find our top 5 wildlife by Fronteering recommended wildlife watching trips for those who would like to see more! Some of these trips offer guaranteed sightings which often means that if you do not view for example Killer Whales on the first tour you can go for free on the next tour until you get to see the killer Whales!


Top 5 Wildlife watching trips in Canada:

1.    Watch Grizzly bears swoop up Salmon with their mighty claws at knight Inlet!
When: During the Salmon run between June and the End of October
Where: Trips leave from Campbell River on Vancouver island and takes you deep in to Knigh Inlet
Trip Duration: Half day    
How much: Approximately 300 CA$ per person (however fees can change at any time)

2.    View Killer Whales (orcas), Grey whales, Sea lions, Seals & bald Eagles during a whale safari leaving from Vancouver or Vancouver Island!
When: Between the beginning of May and the end of September
Where: whale watching tours leave from Vancouver, steveston, or most cities on Vancouver island
Trip Duration: 2 - 3 hours
How much: Around 80 - 100 CA$

3.    Watch Polar Bears venture on to the frozen Hudson Bay nearby Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world
When: October/November    
Where: Churchill, Hudson Bay
Trip Duration: It is recommended to go on a multi day trip
How much: Varies

4.    See beautiful white Beluga whales at the Hudson Bay.
When: June/August
Where: Churchill, Hudson Bay
Trip Duration: It is recommended to go on a multi day trip
How much: Varies

5.    Explore Elk Island National park and see North American Bison (buffalo) in the wild!
When: All year round
Where: Elk Island National Park near Edmonton, Alberta
Trip Duration: We recommend a full day
How much: Besides renting a car and paying the parks entry fees you will be able to explore this beautiful national park on your own.



When during your stay in Canada or the USA you would like to join a wildlife viewing trip feel free to contact us at any time and we can assist to point you in the right direction or to help you with the booking.


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