TRAVEL BLOG: Indigenous People

Rediscover the wild west in Guyana!

One of Fronteering's lead aims is to find you volunteer abroad destinations and experiences that are more unique and extraordinary than anything else on earth. We cater for the pioneer, the adventurer and the explorer, for all those out there who want to get far away from the predictable tourist trail, to be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and be part of real life first hand.

Guyana's Amerindian Communities

Of all the people in this world very few struggle as much as the Amerindians of South America, trying to hold on to their way of life in the Amazon Jungle as they have done for thousands of years. For the Amerindian communities in Guyana it is no different.

The Vaquero's Of Guyana

 Looking for something different?


FRONTEERING arranges volunteer abroad projects and adventure travel trips with a less traditional indigenous group locally known as Vaquero's. To us better known as Cowboys, the Vaquero's  live in the Savannahs of Guyana and have kept true to their way of live since the early 1500's however lately they have been struggling. Times are tough for the Vaquero’s due to not being able to sell their cattle’s meat at the coast of Guyana (where almost all of Guyana's population lives) or in the neighbouring country of Brazil.

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