Husky Ranch Volunteering!

Volunteer on a husky Dog Sled ranch in the USA, Canada and Scotland!

Many of us dream of making friends with furry animals, so it makes sense that huskies are a popular choice for volunteer experiences through Fronteering. These medium-sized dogs have thick, furry coats that are perfect for enduring snowy winter conditions. Husky ranches offer a range of activities such as dog-sledding adventures can be found in various locations throughout North America. These ranches could also use your help with animal care and training! We have 6 husky programs to choose from, and we’re sure that you’ll be itching to sign up to one of these amazing options - here’s where you can volunteer with huskies in USA or Canada!

Minnesota, USA

Dog sledding ranch

If you want to get deep into the wilderness on your volunteering trip, this experience is for you! Go completely off-grid at this remote husky ranch in Minnesota’s North Woods while you help to care for and groom the animals in preparation for their sledding duties. You’ll be sleeping in a cosy cabin along with other volunteers on the ranch, and you’ll have the opportunity to see spectacular natural scenery along with some amazing wildlife during your stay. Choose from programs lasting between 4-12 weeks with meals and accommodation all included.

Volunteer with huskies in Minnesota


Yukon, Canada

Husky adventure ranch

If seeing the northern lights is on your bucket list, then this volunteer experience is a great way to tick it off! Heading north to Yukon, one of Canada’s northernmost provinces, you’ll arrive in Whitehorse then spend your days working with 100+ Alaskan Huskies in the kennels. In the evenings, relax outside your cabin while staring up at the vivid aurora moving across the night sky. Long summer days will offer plenty of time for hiking or biking, or the winter months will allow you to go dog sledding through the forest in your free time. This 12 week program including accommodation and meals will be something truly magical.

Volunteer with huskies in the Yukon

Northwest Territories, Canada

Arctic husky ranch

If you want an affordable way to see the arctic, this is the perfect way to get there! From Whitehorse in northern Canada, you’ll catch a regional flight to the most northern part of the Northwest Territories then spend 8-12 weeks at a remote lodge. Working with a pure white breed of Siberian Huskies which perfectly match their arctic environment, you’ll assist with kennel upkeep and help with the daily tasks of running the guest accommodations. In your spare time, you can choose to go snowshoeing or skiing in the surrounding mountains.

Volunteer with huskies in the Arctic

British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada

Husky ranch Canada

If you’re an animal lover who wants to spend the majority of your days caring for the dogs, pick this option! This husky ranch, which is accessible from Vancouver, is located in the forests of inland British Columbia's Okanagan and involves living an authentic bush lifestyle for the 4-12 week duration of your stay. Surrounded by trees and fresh air, your volunteer tasks on the ranch will include feeding, grooming, and walking the huskies, as well as general upkeep of the enclosures and doggy cabin. The best way to apply for this program is to send an inquiry for our Husky ranch Canada program and letting us know that you prefer to volunteer at our British Columbia location.

Volunteer with huskies in British Columbia

Alberta, Rocky Mountains Canada

Husky ranchs Rocky Mountains

Our Husky dog sledding ranch in the Rocky Mountains is the prefect location for those who want to dogsled and visit this amazing mountain range for which most tourist travel to Canada for! Being situated in the Rockies this program gives you all the great views and experiences the Rockies has to offfer. Not to mention all the wildlife you will encounter when you are there! If you’re looking to discover Canadian culture while volunteering, this husky ranchstay with a local family is a great way to get to know the country! You can use this experience to practice English and become familiar with the Canadian way of life. Looking after the huskies is a major part of this volunteering project, but there are also opportunities to go dog sledding, drive an ATV, or go snowmobiling. Choose from programs lasting between 4-12 weeks which include home-cooked meals and a private room. The best way to apply for this program is to send an inquiry for our Husky ranch Canada program and letting us know that you prefer to volunteer at our Rocky Mountain location.

Volunteer with huskies in the Rocky Mountains

Alaska, USA

Husky ranch Alaska

Are you looking to venture future in to the wilds of North America then of course Alaska is your pick! This ranch is situated near Fairbanks and Denali national park giving you access to some of Alaska's best! The area is full of wildlife from Grizzlies to Moose and everything in between. The ranch is mainly a racing kennel and their main focus is on winning their next race! This is a exciting opportunity to learn from some of the best dog sled racers in the USA!

Volunteer at a husky ranch in amazing Alaska!

The Highlands, Scotland

Husky ranch Scotland

Are you looking for something closer at home (or futher) depending on where you live our new Husky ranch in the Scottish highland could be an amazing opportunity! Besides being one of the most natural beautiful area in Europe it is also a excellent location to learn all there is to know about the world of Mushing and dogsledding. As the weather and the snowfall in the highlands is not as reliable this ranch focusses more on dry racing (dogsledding with carts instead of sleds) which is a great experience just as regular dog sledding and allows for you to race all year round!

Volunteer at a husky ranch in the Scottish Highlands!

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