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Expeditions Forces Offers Frontier Solutions

ADid you know that Fronteering is not just a organization providing volunteering programs in frontier destinations? Fronteering also offers many other services for some of the most frontier locations in this world including the Amazon Rainforest. This part of our operation is called Expeditions forces which organizes searc & retrieval expeditons, In-country Tv Production (fixer), Jungle Survival Courses (Bushcraft) as well as Scientific Expeditions.



Our team of Ex-military (special forces) and indigenous guides offers some of the best remote frontier TV production Solutions. We take care of all your needs before your teams arrive as well as during the filiming. We scout locations, find local talent, arrange all the needed paper work, take of the logistics and take care of safety, health and other emergency services.

In-country TV Production in the Amazon rainforest and other remote locations.



We search, locate and retreive equipment in remote locations like the Amazon Rainforest. We offer and expert service to retrieval for equipment like Satellites, Weather Balloons, Boats, Drones, Small aircrafts and more. Our team of Expert Ex-military and Indigenous trackers and navigators get the job done and within the needed timeframe.

Search & Retrieval Expeditions



We organize proffesional Expeditions for Biologists, Scientists, Researchers, explorers, journalists and organizations who are in need of expert guidance, logistics and scouting while providing safety for your team & equipment. We also arrange expeditions for wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers looking for a real experience. Lastly we offer Expedition leadership coursers for proffesional and adventurers who are in need of training.

Scientific & Willdife Expeditions


Jungle Survival Courses

Lastly but not least we offer Jungle Survival Courses for proffesionals in need of training or for adventure enthusiasts looking for the next thrill! Can you out last our Isolation phase? We offer Jungle survival Courses in Guyana & Brazil where under the guidance of Indigenous Hunters & Ex-military (special Forces) you will learn the do's and don'ts of Jungle Survival & Bushcraft.

While most of our work is tailor made on request we do offer group expeditions and group Jungle courses throughout the year. For more information check our website:
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