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Expedition Forces - Extreme Solutions!

Expeditions Forces Offers Frontier Solutions

Horse Rescue volunteering abroad!

Horse Rescue volunteering around the world!

Epic jungle survival trips

Epic jungle survival trips in South America

Husky Ranch Volunteering!

Volunteer on a husky Dog Sled ranch in the USA, Canada and Scotland!

6 activities on Kangaroo Island!

6 essential nature activities for volunteers on Kangaroo Island

Amazing adventure New Zealand!

Are you drawn to the lush landscapes of New Zealand? Here’s your chance to dive deep into the natural forests and meet some native animals. From December to April, you can take advantage of the summer months to volunteer at a nature sanctuary and travel around the north island. Get ready for the ultimate eco volunteering adventure with this month-long New Zealand trip itinerary!

Week 1: Auckland and Bay of Islands

The Brasil experience

If you are looking for a real adventure Trevor from Canada who recently finished his Amazon Guide experience in Brazil highly recommends you to take a look at: Trevor's South America Blog

For More information about the project please click here: Amazon Guide brazil

Coordinator Position Guyana

Assistant Program Coordinator position Guyana
A unique opportunity to play a key role in Fronteering’s Guyana programs.

Start date: December 2013 or January?February 2014
Term of Contract: One year initial commitment preferred
Are you interested? Please send your letter of motivation, resume and a few pictures of yourselft in the outdoors to

10 reasons why Guyana

10 Reasons Why Guyana Should Be At The Top Of Your Travel and Volunteer Abroad List!

Few tourists visit Guyana each year every which is really a shame as it has so much to offer to any traveller who is looking for something different, in hope to get some of that feeling that early explores must have felt!

Work permits and volunteering abroad

Visa's and work permit for volunteering abroad

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