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Expedition Forces - Extreme Solutions!

Expeditions Forces Offers Frontier Solutions

Horse Rescue volunteering abroad!

Horse Rescue volunteering around the world!

Epic jungle survival trips

Epic jungle survival trips in South America

5 extreme activities

5 extreme activities for adrenaline junkies

Husky Ranch Volunteering!

Volunteer on a husky Dog Sled ranch in the USA, Canada and Scotland!

The Brasil experience

If you are looking for a real adventure Trevor from Canada who recently finished his Amazon Guide experience in Brazil highly recommends you to take a look at: Trevor's South America Blog

For More information about the project please click here: Amazon Guide brazil

Rediscover the wild west in Guyana!

One of Fronteering's lead aims is to find you volunteer abroad destinations and experiences that are more unique and extraordinary than anything else on earth. We cater for the pioneer, the adventurer and the explorer, for all those out there who want to get far away from the predictable tourist trail, to be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and be part of real life first hand.

Volunteer Abroad

Why volunteer abroad is a question people often ask themselves, in this blog post we will go more in depth why volunteering abroad is such an amazing opportunity!

Dog sledding Adventures!

We at FRONTEERING like to offer volunteer abroad projects that differ from the majority of offered projects throughout the world! If you are looking for something different this year why not volunteer abroad at a dog sledding ranch in beautiful Canada! Our husky dog sledding ranch projects are great volunteer opportunities for those who love the outdoors, are crazy about dogs and who always wanted to learn all there is to know about dog sledding!

Heli Diving!

We at FRONTEERING like to test our limits and boundries and even though most of our volunteer abroad projects and adventure travel trips do cater to all, some of our trips do take it to the next level! Our Deserted Island Survival Adventure travel trip in Belize gives you the ultimate experience; to survive on a tropical island!


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