Panama has it all: from dense tropical jungles to amazing beautiful beaches, from tropical island paradises to cool mountains reaches and from vibrant urban city centers to remote Native cultures! Also known as the crossroad of the America's Panama is known for its ease of travel yet is still much unexplored and less visited than many other Central American countries. Panama is a great volunteer abroad destination with opportunities to volunteer with local native communities and surf incredible waves whenever you get the chance and have time off!

Volunteer & Surf

Travel to a tropical Island off the Caribbean coast of Panama and experience a volunteer abroad project like no other! Help build up and support Native indigenous communities, live in a national park among wildlife on a tropical island and play on the beach and on the surf catching waves!

1 week costs (US$)
  • Location Panama
  • Continent North America
  • Type Indigenous communities
  • Duration 1 - 4 weeks
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