Portugal the Most Western country in Europe is waiting for you to be explored. Portugal is home to rugged mountain ranges beautiful beaches and cliffs as well as a host of wildlife that are instinct in many other European countries. Portugal is still home to animals like Brown Bears, Iberian Lynx, Wolves and also home to more exotic animals like Chameleon's, tree frogs and Flamingo's. Portugal is an exciting destination that has something to offer for everyone with its famous beaches but also it rugged country side. In Portugal we offer the exciting opportunity to volunteer and to help perserve the Iberian wolf!   

Wolf Conservation & Sanctuary

Join our Wolf recovery project to help protect and rehabilitate Iberian wolves as these species are being threatened mainly by the intense persecution driven by the human population. Wolves need adequate refuge and wildlife preys to survive but with the growing population of farms, protection of livestock is priority. 

12 days for
  • Location Portugal
  • Continent Europe
  • Type Animal Sanctuary
  • Duration 12 - 24 days
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