Welcome to Mongolia! The land of endless plains where the heavens meet the earth! One of the largest countries but most of all the most uninhabited country in the world with the lowest population density in the world! Because of this Mongolia is natural paradise that has long been undisturbed where large herds of antelopes still roam free and where the nomadic people of the steppes still move around with their herds of sheep. Once Home to the mighty Genghis Khan who carved out the largest consecutive empire in the world Mongolia is now country to find amazing natural beauty. However not everything is perfect some of the species of wildlife in Mongolia which are extinct in other countries do still survive here but are critically endangered and in need of your help! 

Wild Takhi Research

Take this amazing opportunity to work along with wildlife Researchers and Biologists in the Tov Province located in Mongolia! Assist by collecting data and information on one of the world’s rarest and endangered species of Horses, the Wild Takhi a.k.a Przewalskis Horses!

1 Week Starting From
  • Location Mongolia
  • Continent Asia
  • Type Wildlife Research
  • Duration 1 - 4 weeks
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