Yusuf Abraham

Yusuf Abraham is currently our leading project coordinator of the United States of America, South Africa and Madagascar. He was born in Brazil in the bordering town called Bonfim, Roraima known for its rolling savannahs and graced by its many mountain ranges, Lethem, the town found closest to the Brazilian border. He spent a childhood of bonding with animals, fishing, swimming, camping, hunting, and so much more! Known for his enthusiasm and his positive outlook, his love for his family, friends and community is beyond comparison. 

Our Program Coordinator is also a certified volunteer with Red Cross Guyana and the Remote Area Medical (RAM). He’s been a volunteer offering medical assistance and awareness on HIV/AIDS in many indigenous villages during his time spent completing high school and his time employed by the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry. Interested in Tourism, Yusuf then left the bank and was able to find and become part of the Fronteering Family. He has travelled to quite a few countries and it’s his dream to continue travelling to see the world. 

Yusuf along with the Fronteering family welcomes you and are looking forward to arranging your program!  


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