Leoni Sears

Leoni is the coordinator for our Canada programs. Orginally from Guyana in South America. She is part Indigenous, also of European and African Ancestry. She was born in Aishalton, a Wapishana Village on the outskirts of the Deep South Rupununi Savannahs where she spent her childhood. She then migrated to the capital city which became a temporary home to pursue her high school and university education. After which, she taught at high schools in the city and Indigenous community for four years all together. She is also usually involved in environmental committees combatting community environmental issues. Farm animals hold a soft spot in her heart, especially dogs since she adores her own named ‘Boot’. Leoni loves adventure and travelling. She also believes in preservation and conservation of the Indigenous way of life. Leoni is looking forward to help with your travels and your program arrangements for Canada.  


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