Volunteer Abroad now to help with exciting community projects, from local cowboy communities in the Savanna's of Guyana to Amerindian communities in the Amazon jungle. These communities need your help to sustain their way of life by setting up sustainable eco-tourism or by providing health care, education and infrastructure to the poor and needy in the many remote towns and cities of the world. FRONTEERINGS volunteer abroad projects focus on giving you a true hands on volunteer opportunities working with locals for real a good cause. We take you of the beaten path for your experience of a lifetime! 

Wildlife Research

If you have a fascination for Indigenous culture and would like to help the community and Assist in wildlife research! Join the exciting volunteer program and assist in education development and while you are at it assist with researching the Black Caiman. The indigenous community needs your assistance in school, assist teachers in making school a fun place to be and while at it help research the Black Caiman.

4 Weeks Starting From
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type Wildlife Research
  • Duration 4 or 8 weeks
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