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The Experience

Do you love working with people and animals? Do you enjoy riding horses? Then be a part of our horse riding ranch in Australia whose goal is to provide everyone with a unique and unforgettable experience of swimming with their horses on one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Located within the islands of the Great Barrier Reef in north Queensland, this program is perfect for you if you have an outgoing personality and is looking for fun and an amazing opportunity of a lifetime.

For this program, please note that only females with at least three years minimum horse riding experience may apply. You will be riding for about 4 hours a day. A typical day for volunteers start at 6:30am and finishes at 5:30pm with a two hour lunch break in between. Although the day may seem long, it will be a very rewarding experience. Tasks includes helping out with the tours, garden mulching, weed spraying, mowing the lawn, raking leaves and many more. While the minimum stay is 3 weeks, longer stays can be negotiated and are encouraged. 

This Is Why

  • Work hands on with horses in beautiful Queensland, Australia.
  • Increase your horse riding skills and ride horses.
  • Great opportunity to share and expand your knowledge on horses.
  • Experience the beauty of Queensland, Australia.

Project Details
  • Key Start Dates
    Year round 
  • Package Price
    3 week  1,195 US$
    4 weeks 1,295 US$
    6 weeks 1,495 US$
  • 8 weeks 1,695 US$
  • 10 weeks 1,895 US$
  • 12 weeks 1,995 US$
  • Volunteer duration
    3 - 12 weeks (Longer durations preferable)
  • Average Work hours
    6 days a week and one day off. Typical day starts at 6:30am and ends at 5:30pm with a 2 hour lunch break in between.
  • Number of Volunteers
  • Volunteer accommodation
  • Housing Type
    Shared accommodation on site with laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, AC.
  • Internet Access
    Wireless internet included for your personal use. Please be respectful and considerate of other people sleeping if you are skyping/face timing with your family back home and it is late. Wi-Fi should only be used for keeping in touch with family and friends.
  • Who Are They Looking For?
    An individual that has a great passion for horses and must have a minimum of three years horse riding experience. References to testify to your horse experience given will be needed before you can be accepted as a volunteer. You should not be fussy, picky or hypersensitive about cleaning. You must be comfortable with heavy lifting and manual labour. The project will not tolerate smoking, alcohol or the use of drugs. Please remember that you are a guest, therefore, respecting the rules is essential.

Fast Facts: Australia

Where? Austalasia, Queensland

Country Size: 1,852,642 million km2 
715,300 sq mi

Population density? 2.7/km2

Country Famous for? Koalas, Kangaroos, Sea Turtles, Wildlife watching, pristine beaches, vibrant cities, friendly people, Sunshine State of Australia

When to visit: All year round

  • What's Included
    • Placement
      Horse Ranch Australia
    • Accommodation
      Shared accommodation.
    • Meals
      You will be given a meal allowance. You are responsible for ordering and preparing your own meals.
    • Airport Pick up & drop off

      Fly Townsville Airport where you will be transferred to the Ferry Terminal to catch the ferry that takes you to the wonderful island.
    • Ongoing & Mail Holding services
      If there are any problems with your volunteer project we are always there to help you and mediate between yourself and the organization. Also, you can use FRONTEERINGS office as a reliable address to have your mail delivered.
    • Tours
      Through FRONTEERING you have the possibility to book tours in Australia after you have finished your volunteer project.
    • 24/7 Emergency contact
      If there are any problems during you stay in Australia you can reach us 24/7 to assist you.

    What's not included: Flights, Insurance

    Package Price: 
    03 Weeks: $1195.00 US
    04 Weeks: $1,295.00 US
    12 Weeks: $1,995.00 US


    Volunteers play a vital role in achieving the project’s goal which is to provide their customers with a unique and unforgettable experience. As a volunteer, you will at times get your hands dirty but the reward of working hands on with these wonderful horses will be an unforgettable one. Although you main task will be to carry out tours, you will be asked at times to stay back and help out in other areas. In general, volunteers help out in the most or one of the following areas:

    • Taking out tours, Garden mulching, Weed spraying
    • Mowing the lawn, Raking leaves
    • Cleaning water troughs, Cleaning the kitchen
    • Auto Mechanics and General Maintenance
  • Requirements, Guidelines & Policies
    • Required to commit to a minimum of 3 weeks
    • MUST HAVE AT LEAST THREE YEARS HORSE RIDING EXPERIENCE (with references.) Must be punctual, Must be able to attend all shifts. If you are sick and cannot attend a shift, please inform your supervisor. Must be comfortable with heavy lifting and doing manual labour. Must read and agree to abide by guidelines and ethics of the project. A valid driver’s license would be an asset, but is not required.
    • NO SMOKING is allowed on the property.
    • Strong work ethics are required: reliable, responsible, polite, self-sufficient, eager, honest, good sense of humor, dependable, physically and mentally fit.
    • Age: 18+
    • No animal allergies. Extreme Weather (heat & cold), dirt and living in a remote area must be something you can handle. A love for animals and some general experience of caring for an animal is a must! Good communication skills and the ability to work independently and in a group. Good knowledge of the English – It is a requirement that English is spoken for the duration of your stay here at the ranch. The only time when another language can be spoken is when you are giving instructions to a customer and they understand better in a different language.
    • Patient and comfortable around mammals and birds!
    • Have a positive attitude. Always do a fair day’s work.
    • Be polite and courteous to all staff and customers. Commitment and your best effort in undertaking the work required. Not to engage in any behaviour which undermines a happy staff/workplace environment.
  • Volunteer Benefits
    • A unique opportunity of working with horses and making people happy.
    • Help the ranch continue to provide an excellent service to their customers.
    • Great opportunity to meet volunteers from all over the world and explore Queensland, Australia and enjoy breathtaking surroundings.
  • Fast Facts
    • Project location
      Queenland, Australia
    • Area Famous For
      Unique wildlife, pristine beaches, Australian cuisine (pies, tim tams, lamingtons and pavlova), bushwalking, vibrant cities, friendly people – Aussie mateship, sunshine and perfect weather
    • When to visit
      All year round
    • Wildlife viewing
      All year round to see a wide variety of wildlife such as; Koalas, kangaroos, wombats, possums, echidnas, platypus, dingoes, Tasmanian Devils, crocodiles, numbats and a large variety of other unique marsupials, reptiles and fish.
        • Itinerary & Details

          Day 1 - Arrive in Australia;
          You will arrive in beautiful Townsville International Airport and then catch a Ferry to the Island.

          For 3-12 weeks - Volunteer at the Horse Ranch! For the next few weeks, you will volunteer at the Horse Ranch by participating in the daily tasks.

          Your last day - Your last day - you will fly back home or take the opportunity to travel through Australia. Our staff will gladly help you to book any tours to see more of this great country.

  • Accommodation
    Your accommodation will be shared with a maximum of three other girls. It includes a fully air-conditioned room and bathroom. You will have your own persona space. Please ensure you keep this in a neat and tidy state. Food is not to be brought into the room as this encourages cockroaches and rats/possums to come into the house which in turn will attract snakes. 
    There is to be no sleepovers or visitors at your accommodation. The accommodation is for your own use. If you wish to meet up with friends, kindly find an alternative location to do this.
    Things to bring from home

    Although you will be provided with a helmet, you are welcome to bring your own from home if you wish. Riding boots, Watch, unlocked phone, Jeans/jodhpurs suitable for riding, Suitable swimsuit for the beach. You will be provided with work shirts. Please note that all clothing must be clean, neat and presentable without holes, tears or obvious stains.


    You will be given a meal allowance. Food will be ordered online and delivered once or twice a week. Volunteers are responsible for ordering and preparing their own food.


    The project is located within the islands of Great Barrier Reef in north Queensland and a 20 minute ferry ride from Townsville.

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