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Toledo, Belize



The Experience

Get ready to learn the tricks in trades of what it takes to become a expedition leader and master the art of jungle survival!

For this amazing adventure travel Course you will travel to the unspoiled jungles of Belize. This unique small Central American country which few visit for the amazing diving opportunities and even fewer visited for it's wilderness back country where wildlife still rules. If your looking to lead teams of tourist or students in a jungle environment, will run volunteer projects in the jungle or you are researcher and have to spend time researching in the jungle then this is the trip for you! 


This Is Why

  • Join in an amazing expedition and explore the jungles of Belize
  • Learn what it takes to be a expedition leader
  • Learn art of jungle survival
  • After your training take turns leading your team in to the jungle with help of local jungle guides
  • Hands-on training by Ex UK special forces and specialists who have led several BBC wildlife expeditions

Trip Details
  • Key Start Dates
    March 2012, March 2013 (other dates Available on Request)
  • Accommodation
  • Type
    Good quality shared rooms during several days of the expedition trip, however most of the nights will be spendin your own private hammock underneath the stars!
  • Internet Access
  • Who Are They Looking For?
    Adventurer’s individuals who have an interest in the outdoors and would like to learn what it takes to be a expedition leader.

Fast Facts: Belize

Where? Central America, Belize

Country Size: 22,966 km2
8,867 sq mi

Population density? 15/km2
38/sq mi

Country Famous for? World's second largest coral reef, jungle, Wildlife, Caye Caulker, unspoiled interior, Maya pyramids, Jaguars, Tapirs, Laid back Caribbean atmosphere

When to visit: All year round, however due to hurricane seasons between the End of August and mid October we recommend to not visit Belize.

        • What's Included
          • Trip
            Expedition Leader Course
          • Type
            Group Travel
          • Accommodation
            A variety of accommodation will be provided, from shared rooms in hotels and eco-lodges to your own private hammock underneath the stars!
          • Meals
            Meals will be provided during the entire expedition which you will help prepare.
          • Pick up & drop off
            One of our representatives will meet you at your hotel for to brief you and the other travelers for your adventure travel trip. From the hotel you will start you jungle expedition adventure. At the end of your trip you will be brought back to the hotel.
          • Transfers
            All in-country transfers for this expedition trip are included
          • Ongoing service
            If there are any problems with your trip we are there to help you
          • Tours
            Through FRONTEERING you have the possibility to book additional tours in Guyana
          • 24/7 Emergency contact
            If there are any problems during you stay in Vancouver you can reach us 24/7 to assist you.

          What's not included: Flights, Insurance, meals while in town on arrival, aiport pick up

          Package Price:
          2 weeks: $2,369 CA

    • Trip Experience

      This  Expedition course will take you to the untouched jungles of Central America's Belize. The only English speaking country in Central America! where at the end  of your adventure travel trip you will be confident that you can live and work in some of the wildest places of this world. You will get handson training by Ex UK special forces and specialists who have led several BBC wildlife expeditions in some of the remotest parts of this world.
      During the two weeks of the course you will cover a wide range of topics to ensure you are confident about planning an expedition to and living in the jungle. If you are looking to lead teams of tourists or students in a jungle environment, or you are a researcher about to spend time in the forest, this course will teach you all the basics you’ll need to know to be able to confidently and comfortably spend long periods of time in the jungle, anywhere in the world.
      The Expedition course will include subjects such as expedition planning, logistics, risk assessments, communications, transport, navigation, first aid, environmental hazards, health & hygiene, setting up hammock camps, survival techniques if the worst should happen and much, much more. You will experience in the most practical experience, in the jungle! We will move camp several times to give you plenty of chance to practice skills such as navigation, river crossings and setting up your hammock.
       At the end a three day trek will allow you to take turns leading your team, with the help of local guides, deep into the forest, having to put all your new found skills to the test and looking after not just yourself but your team too. Can you do it? Do you have what it takes to lead people in one of the most remote and unforgiving environments on Earth?
      At the end of the course you will receive your certificate of completion confident in your own abilities and with a cold beer in your hand as we spend our last night in the interior. After scrubbing off the hard work of the last two weeks we will be able to unwind, with amazing views to distant jungle mountains and swap stories from our trip and maybe even plan the next adventure. Are you ready for a real adventure will you be able to cope?
        • Adventure Details

          This is what the jungle expedition leadership training is all about ensuring you and your team are comfortable living in the jungle and being able to cope with everything it throws at you with confidence. The leadership course will train you in the following subjects deep in the hot and humid jungle of Belize:

          • Expidition Concepts and aims
          • Risk assessments
          • Logisticskit and equipment
          • Mapping
          • Communication
          • Finance and records
          • Post expedition reports
          • Camp layout & routine
          • Setting up a hammock
          • Machete and knives
          • Medical training
          • Pits & ablutions
          • Fire
          • lighting
          • Water purification
          • Cooking
          • Health & hygiene
          • Navigation
          • all the basic survival skills & knowledge regarding Water, food, Fire, Shelter, Signaling, Self Rescue techniques
          • And much, much more
  • Fast Facts
    • Project location
      Unspoiled Jungles, rivers and coastline of Belize   
    • Area Famous For
      World’s second largest coral reef, Jungles, unspoiled interior, wildlife, Jaguars, Tapirs, Caye Caulker, Turtles, manatee’s
    • When to visit
      All year round, however we advise not to visit  between the End of August and mid October which are the worst months of the hurricane season
    • Wildlife viewing
      Some of the best of Central America due to its small population the jungle has largely been unspoiled and untouched. Some of the animals Belize is Famous for: Jaguars, Tapirs, Peccaries, Manatee’s, Howler Monkeys, etc. 
  • Accommodation

    A variety of accommodation will be provided, from shared rooms in hotels and eco-lodges to your own private hammock underneath the stars!

    Things to bring from home

    • Hiking Shoes
    • Rain gear
    • Anti Mosquito repellent + after bite
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat/cap to protect yourself from the sun
    • Suncream
    • Complete Kitlist will be provided after applying or on request


    Meals will be provided during the whole expedition expect for your first day when arriving in Belize.

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