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Alberta, Canada



The Experience

Are you looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle city life? Then take this amazing opportunity to volunteer at an Alapaca Ranch based halfway between the Rocky Mountains and Edmonton!

This Ranch currently maintains a herd of over 20 alpacas that they raise for breeding stock and for fiber production. It consists of the main building with 4 bedrooms, a small barn, a large workshop and several small outbuildings. They are surrounded by other farms and is about 15 km to the nearest town, so do keep in mind that it is semi-remote. There is a lot of oil and gas activity in this area and the owners of the ranch also have an oil well on their property. The owners are also active in show circuit. They produce their own hay and occasionally rent out their large pasture for cattle grazing.
In addition to the alpacas there are also cats, rabbits, a lama and a donkey on the ranch. Join this project and enjoy every aspect of the alpaca lifestyle and take great pleasure in feeding and maintaining these amazing animals! 

This Is Why

  • An amazing opportunity to learn about Canadian culture.
  • A chance to become a volunteer and work alongside an amazing team and Alpaca's!
  • Improve your English while volunteering.
  • A chance to improve your skills and techniques in farming.
  • Amazing chance to visit and explore this beautiful country, immerse yourself in this new culture and way of life!

Project Details
  • Key Start Dates
    Year round (We do advise to on the ranch between April and October for the best experience).
  • Package Price
    04 Weeks: $795.00 US
    06 Weeks: $995.00 US
    08 Weeks: $1095.00 US
    12 Weeks: $1495.00 US
  • Volunteer duration
    4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks (other durations available on request
  • Average Work hours
    As a volunteer, you will be required to participate 4 to 5 days a week, for 4 to 8 hrs per day, depending on the time of year
  • Number of Volunteers
    1 - 2
  • Volunteer accommodation
  • Housing Type
    Private room in house or trailer
  • Internet Access
    Yes, but limited
  • Who Are They Looking For?
    The project is in search of persons who love the outdoors and have a passion for animals, this of course is a priority. You should not be fussy, picky or hypersensitive about cleaning as this is one of the main chores. You should be able to work alongside a team and must be able to work independently as well. We will not tolerate smoking, alcohol or the use of drugs. Please remember that you are a guest, therefore, respecting the rules is essential.

Fast Facts: Canada

Where? North America, Canada

Country Size: 9,984,670 km2
3,854,085 sq mi

Population density? 3.41/km2 Great wildlife viewing througout the Western halve of Canada
8.3/sq mi

Country Famous for? Bears, Root Beer, Rocky Mountains, Skiing, Niagara waterfalls, Pacific rainforest, friendly people

When to visit: All year round, skiing and dog sledding in winter and hiking and wildlife viewing in summer

  • What's Included
    • Placement
      Alpaca Ranch
    • Accommodation
      Volunteer will be staying in shared rooms in house or trailer
    • Meals
      3 meals a day will be provided
    • Hostel Package

      1 night of hostel in Edmonton provided
    • Mail-holding service
      You can use FRONTEERINGS office as a reliable address to have your mail delivered
    • Ongoing service
      If there are any problems with your volunteer project we are always there to help you and mediate between yourself and the organization.
    • Tours
      Through FRONTEERING you have the possibility to book tours in Canada after you have finished your volunteer project.
    • 24/7 Emergency contact
      If there are any problems during you stay in Vancouver you can reach us 24/7 to assist you.

    What's not included: Flights, Insurance, Transfer to the ranch (approximately 100 CA$, you will be picked up from the bus station), airport pick up

    Package Price:
    04 Weeks: $795.00 US
    06 Weeks: $995.00 US
    08 Weeks: $1095.00 US
    12 Weeks: $1495.00 US


    Being volunteer at the ranch you will be designated to carry out some of the following responsibilities:

    • Feeding and grooming of the animals
    • Cleaning barn and stables
    • Gardening
    • Some farm maintenance like checking and repairing fences
    • Light household chores
    • You will learn a great deal about horses and farming in general.

    This experience gives participants the chance to become involved with family activities of an Alpaca ranch. They would be able to utilize all facilities of the farm if they so desire. The program is not only about Alpacas; it is pertinent to remember that this is a cultural exchange program where participants get a real inside feel of Canadian culture, mentality, etc. The family takes volunteers along when they visit neighbors, when they do their grocery shopping or when they go to events like rodeos, community festivals as such... Some of the expected duties that you may be asked to do may include; assist with daily feeding of livestock, assist with herd management (training & health maintenance, i.e. weighing and injections), garden work, helping with general cleaning of the house and yard.

  • Requirements, Guidelines & Policies
    • Required to commit to a minimum of 4 weeks
    • NO SMOKING is allowed on the property.
    • Interemediate Horse Riding Skills Mandatory!
    • Strong work ethics are required: reliable, responsible, honest, good sense of humour, dependable, physically and mentally fit.
    • Age: 18+
    • No animal allergies
    • Extreme Weather (heat & cold), dirt and living in a remote area must be something you can handle.
    • A love for animals and some general experience of caring for an animal is a must!
    • Must read and agree to abide by guidelines and ethics
    • Good communication skills and the ability to work alone
    • Good knowledge of the English
  • Volunteer Benefits
    • Have the opportunity to live with a Canadian family and experience a new culture!
    • Learn about the Canadian way of farming 
    • Improve your English and farming  skills
    • Affordable Accommodation and meals included in the placement including the use of wireless internet.
  • Fast Facts
    • Project location
      Alberta, Canada
    • Area Famous For
      Bears, Root Beer, Rocky Mountains, Skiing, Elk island National Park, Edmonton, Prairies
    • When to visit
      All year round however we advise to come between April and October as you will have warmer weather.
    • Wildlife viewing
      Great wildlife viewing in the nearby Rocky mountains; bears, elk, moose, wolves, etc
      • Itinerary & Details
        Day 1 - Arrive in Edmonton (hostel included but not airport pick up);
        You will arrive in Edmonton, from where you can take a taxi to the hostel.
        Day 2 – Transfer to volunteer project (ticket not included);
        You will travel through Alberta by bus to the nearest town of the ranch. You will be picked at the nearest bust stop by one of the ranchs staff member.
        For 4 - 16 weeks – Volunteer at a reserve!
        For the coming weeks you will have a great time volunteering at an Alpaca Ranch!
        Your last day –
        you will transfer back to Edmonton to take a flight back home. Of course it is possible to extend your stay in Canada and travel around or visit Vancouver; we can help you with trips and/or accommodation you would like to arrange.
  • Accommodation
    You will have a private bedroom situated in the ranch or in a trailer at the ranch with linen and towels, (please make sure that your room is cleaned before you leave) together with (usually) a shared bathroom.  You are responsible to clean and tidy your own room.


    Dinner and most of the time breakfast is eaten with the family. You may have to prepare your own breakfast and lunch once in a while. There is no specific catering for vegetarians, and they cannot accommodate picky eaters; however the meals are wholesome and nutritious. You will eat what everyone else eats. If you require additional food outside of the meal times, you will need to provide this yourself. You will be required to wash and dry dishes. On the ranch they love to experience different foods, so if you would like to cook or bake, this would be just wonderful. There is a limited amount of snacks, soda drinks and fresh fruit provided.  You are more than welcome to travel with the family to town, if you need to do your own personal shopping.


    The project is located on the countryside of Alberta nicely sitiated between Edmonton and the Rocky Mountains. There are great oppertunities to hike, bike, raft and to see wildlife near the ranch.

The family at the Alpaca Ranch are really nice people. They made me feel at home from the moment I arrived!  I really feel like part of the family. They take me on all of their family trips so I have seen lots of places. They also plan fun activities (like white water rafting, canoeing, day at the lake, shopping etc).  I love the Alpaca's on the ranch. I really like te work with them (thats is my favorite thing) . I have learned so much since i've been here and I love it here! 
Every day at the ranch is diffrent I do lots of diffrent things (like painting sheds, pulling weets, feeding the animals, working on the fence etc.) but I work with the Alpaca's every day!
It is a fantastic experience, and I am really happy about the ranch and Cananda is a beautiful country, I love staying here!

Anne from the Netherlands

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