Wildlife Watching Canada

When thinking of destinations to view wildlife in the wild for most people countries like Kenya and South Africa come to mind. In this Fronteering blog post we would like to go over some great wildlife watching opportunities in Canada! If you are volunteering in Canada at one of our many wildlife volunteer opportunities you will probably be working with different species of wildlife or be in the direct surrounding of many good wildlife viewing spots.


Wherever in Canada you do not need to go far to see some of its unique wildlife, even when staying in downtown Vancouver it is quite common to see raccoons and skunks going through garbage bins. Go to the forested suburbs north of the city and you will find seals and bald eagles at the water’s edge and Black bears, coyotes and deer roaming at the forests edge and in people’s garden.


While volunteering in Canada we definitely recommend that you take some time to see the country, Vancouver Island, Rocky Mountains, Whistler and Niagara falls are all amazing natural places to visit with great wildlife watching opportunities nearby. When travelling by car we really recommend scouting of the smaller roads during dawn and dusk when most of the animals are active. 


If during your stay in Canada or the USA you would like to join a wildlife viewing trip feel free to contact us at any time.


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