Wildlife Volunteering North America

Volunteering with wildlife has always been a popular category with volunteers. However traditionally these projects have often been just available in Africa and in a lesser extend also in South Asia and some parts of South America.
However no more, Fronteering has specialized in providing meaningful wildlife rescue and rehabilitation projects where you can be in direct contact with the local North American wildlife! Located in often beautiful and remote (some would call it isolated) surroundings to give you one of the best volunteer abroad experiences ever!


                    (The Thrill of releasing a Young Adult Grizzly Bear)


One of the most exciting facts of our wildlife volunteer opportunities in North America is that 99% of all the animals that you rescue and rehabilitate will be released back in to the wild which is of course an awesome and often touching experience!
Some will argue, why volunteer with wildlife in North America if you can volunteer with wildlife in Africa with animals like lions and cheetahs? We assure you that volunteering with animals like Bears (world’s largest carnivores), Moose (world’s largest deer), wolves (world’s largest wild Canid), coyotes, deer, skunks, Raccoons, Beavers, Bald Eagles & Owls is a equally amazing experience!

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