What to do after your project?

So you’ve volunteered abroad, and your experience was 100% amazing. Now what? It’s easy to assume that life will just go back to normal after your trip, but that’s not necessarily the case. You may feel inspired to be more adventurous, try some exciting new activities, or make changes in your local community. There are a few actions you can take to make sure you’ve taken full advantage of your time abroad, even after the volunteering section of your trip is completed - here’s our suggestions on what to do after your volunteering project!

Start blogging

Volunteering abroad is a special experience, and one that not many people have had the chance to do. There are plenty of others who may be considering a volunteering trip for themselves and who would be interested in hearing about the activities you took part in while abroad. Starting a blog is a great way to remember all the details of your trip and share them in a meaningful way - set up a free blog using sites like Blogger or WordPress, or create a YouTube channel to share videos highlighting your time abroad. Your friends and family, and maybe even some strangers, would love to hear about what it was like to volunteer in your chosen destination!


Continue traveling

Your volunteer project may have finished, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to end. Why not continue traveling around your chosen destination? You’ve already made the effort to fly there, after all, so this is the perfect opportunity to explore somewhere new! Do some online research on things to do in your destination, or ask some of the people on your volunteering project if they have recommendations for activities in the area. Fronteering can also help you organise tours to extend your travels, so contact us if you need help planning the rest of your trip!


Volunteer at home

You probably learned some valuable skills while volunteering abroad. How about using those newfound talents to volunteer somewhere local after your return home? There are plenty of charities and not-for-profits that could use your help, whether it be in the same field as your previous volunteer project or something completely different. Do some research on volunteer opportunities in your area and continue donating your time to a good cause.


Plan your next volunteering trip

You may be sad that this volunteering experience is over, but there’s no need to stop at one! If you enjoyed your time abroad and would love to do it all over again, take a look through our volunteer opportunities and choose your next trip in a new destination. We have so many options to choose from - this time next year you could be dog sledding with huskies while on a ranch in Canada, or exploring New Zealand while taking part in a bushland conservation project. It’s always good to have another trip to look forward to!

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