The Vaquero's Of Guyana

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FRONTEERING arranges volunteer abroad projects and adventure travel trips with a less traditional indigenous group locally known as Vaquero's. To us better known as Cowboys, the Vaquero's  live in the Savannahs of Guyana and have kept true to their way of live since the early 1500's however lately they have been struggling. Times are tough for the Vaquero’s due to not being able to sell their cattle’s meat at the coast of Guyana (where almost all of Guyana's population lives) or in the neighbouring country of Brazil.



Through FRONTEERING you can take part in rewarding volunteer experiences to help the local Vaquero's by rebuilding their ranches to former glory and by setting up small time eco-friendly tourism which they desperatly need to substitue their income (for no longer being able to sell their cattle) and to protect the savana's from large scale argicultural enterprises! With out our help it will not only be the end of the Vaquero's way of life but also for it's nature & wildlife of Guyana's unique Savannah!



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