Reasons to Volunteer!

In this Blog post we will go over the subject of why you would like to volunteer abroad and why this is important for choosing your volunteer opportunity.

Why would you like to volunteer? This question seems perhaps straight forward but your motives are very important when choosing the right project for yourself and is something you should really consider.

Reasons to volunteer abroad:

  • You are looking to meet new people and learn about different cultures
  • You simply would like to go for a gap year abroad and experience something different
  • You would to do something meaningful and to make a difference,
  • To improve/learn a certain language or perhaps you are looking
  • To gain experience



The main reason why you need to clearly think about why you would like to volunteer is to make sure you will not be disappointed with your experience. Your motives are important as certain projects might not be the best option if your main goal is to learn or improve your English due to the high English requirements of some project. Other projects are perhaps not the best option if you are looking for a long holiday due to all the hard work involved. It is important that before you sign up for a project to ask yourself does this fit the reasons why I want to volunteer in the first place. Last but not least, if your goal is to make difference it is good to check what the difference is you are making. In some cases volunteers come with the intention to make a big difference with the expectation to see this difference made even if they are only there for a few weeks. It is important to keep in mind that every bit of help will make a difference even though it is not directly noticeable as most projects are long term commitments.




Some golden Rules about Volunteering to keep in mind:

  • You almost never get paid
  • You often have to pay for arrangement and to make a donation
  • You will not change the world but even the smallest difference matters
  • Do not always expect to see the difference you are making right away as most volunteer projects are based on long-term sustainability (and should be)
  • Simply through volunteering you provide jobs to locals and even a 2 week jungle vacation (if managed well) helps to provide the locals with jobs and makes them reliant on the jungle for income as without the jungle tourist will stay away.




Of course Fronteering is always there to help and steer you in to the right direction and to answer any questions.


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