Horse Rescue volunteering abroad!

Horse Rescue volunteering around the world!

Humans have tamed and trained horses for centuries, but these majestic animals haven’t always been treated with the care and respect they deserve. For those of you who are totally horse-obsessed and want to help these creatures, we have a range of volunteer opportunities with both wild and domesticated horses in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mongolia, Guyana, and Brazil. Here’s a roundup of our horse ranch volunteering projects around the world!


Idaho - Horse Rescue Ranch

This horse rescue ranch, set in the beautiful state of Idaho, is the perfect place to spend some quality time with horses. Spend between 4 and 10 weeks providing care for abandoned, malnourished, neglected, and abused horses, and help educate the public about issues surrounding horse rescue and rehabilitation.

Volunteer at a horse rescue ranch in Idaho


Florida - Wild Horse Rescue

The wild Mustang horse, often called ‘The Spirit of the West’, has been a part of the southern landscape for hundreds of years. These wild horses are sometimes in need of medical care, and this rescue facility on Florida’s east coast is where they can get treatment. Spend 2 to 12 weeks cleaning, feeding, and socialising with the animals that are currently in care.

Rescue wild horses in Florida

Mississippi - Children’s Autism Horse Therapy

Perhaps the most heartwarming of our volunteer opportunities is this Children’s Autism & Horse Therapy Ranch, set in the rolling hills of southern Mississippi. This 200‐acre property is home to horses and other animals (such as cats, dogs, and goats) which provide therapy to children with special needs. You can spend 1 to 4 weeks helping to care for the animals on this ranch.

Volunteer with horses in Mississippi

Maine - Mustang Care

Venture to the beautiful coast of Maine to volunteer at a Wild Horse Center, located about 2 hours away from Boston by bus or train. In this scenic part of New England, you can spend 4 weeks caring for Mustang horses that have been neglected or abused, assisting with food preparation, cleaning the stables, maintenance, and public education.

Volunteer with wild horses in Maine


Alberta - Horse Rescue Canada

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this rescue center is home to horses and other animals such as pigs, llamas, goats, ducks, and chickens which have been rescued from the slaughter house. Give these animals a second chance at life by spending 8 to 12 weeks helping to feed the animals and assist with ranch maintenance.

Volunteer to rescue horses in Alberta

Alberta or BC - Horse Ranch Canada

If you’re looking for a taste of the country life and want to learn more about Canadian culture, this ranchstay is for you! At a ranch in either Alberta or British Columbia, you could spend 4 to 16 weeks helping out on the farm with opportunities to ride the horses, drive a tractor, and attend a local rodeo.

Volunteer to rescue horses in Alberta or British Columbia


Queensland - Horse Rescue Australia

In Australia’s sunny state of Queensland, you can volunteer year-round to assist with the daily activities necessary to run a horse sanctuary. During the 3 to 12 week project, you’ll spend plenty of time in the paddocks and stables with the animals who are here to be rehabilitated after neglect or mistreatment.

Volunteer to rescue horses in Queensland



Tov Province - Wild Takhi Research

Perhaps the most unique of our horse volunteer opportunities is the Wild Takhi Research program in Mongolia. Spend 1 to 4 weeks at this project working alongside wildlife experts and biologists as they collect data on one of the world’s rarest species of horse, monitoring their habits and behaviors. You’ll also get to visit Mongolian nomadic families to learn about their way of life.

Volunteer with wild horses in Mongolia


Rupununi Savannahs - Amazon Ranch Project

If the idea of going back in time to be a cowboy or cowgirl excites you, this Amazon ranch project in Guyana is a dream come true. Spend 4 to 8 weeks using horses to round up cattle on a remote ranch in the Rupununi Savannahs, while also assisting an Amerindian community to set up an ecotourism business and help preserve their ancient way of life.

Volunteer on a ranch in Guyana


Roraima - Brazil Ranchstay

In the far north of Brazil, you can spend 4 to 12 weeks at a ranch homestay, your days filled with activities such as horse riding, rounding up cattle, and gardening around the farm. This is the perfect opportunity to learn Portuguese and experience the Brazilian way of life while gaining skills in ranching and farming.

Volunteer on a ranch in Brazil

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