Heli Diving!

We at FRONTEERING like to test our limits and boundries and even though most of our volunteer abroad projects and adventure travel trips do cater to all, some of our trips do take it to the next level! Our Deserted Island Survival Adventure travel trip in Belize gives you the ultimate experience; to survive on a tropical island!




Of course we do not just drop you off on a Island to survive and then pick you up again a few weeks later... For the first week you will get a extensive Island Survival training from Ex UK special Forces at some of the Famous Cayes (islands) of Belize with it's coral reefs and surrounding ocean. We will teach how to find/get drinkable fresh water from an ocean with nothing but salt water, set a fire without a match or lighter, build a shelter, catch fish and use with what meagre resources you have to ensure you survive til rescue comes. When your training is finished we will go for a helicopter sightseeing tour above the many islands of the Belizean coast where we will simulate a helicopter "Crash" and you will have to jump out of the helicopter and swim to closest island!




For the fowllowing days in a small group you will be placed in a simulated survival situation, though you will have communications an will be observed throughout, purely for safety reasons. With nothing but what you jumped from the helicopter with and the crashed remains you’ll have to bond and work as a team to survive. We call this isolation, where there is not only the practical problems of daily existence to deal with, but also the psychological difficulties of not having any modern luxuries, of being in a strange environment, of searing heat, of bugs, of lack of sleep…………. Can you cope?


Join our Island Survival Adventure Trip and find out if you have what it takes to survive on a deserted tropical island!


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