The Guyana Experience!

 Interested to volunteer in Guyana at on of our projects? See what some of our recent volunteers (January - March) had to say regarding the Amazon Amerindian project:


Living in Rewa for a month was an amazing experience, it was awesome being in the jungle and seeing the strange and wonderful wildlife of the Amazon. It's a great place with a different pace of life, with time to just chill out in a hammock and get to know the people there and learn about their culture and their way of life. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and made you feel right at home. Definitely a place and experience to remember.
Emily from Australia

Volunteering at a remote little Makushi village on the opposite side of the world to where i call home has been the best decision of my life to date. The villagers are warm and welcoming, as interested in you as you are in them. Being a volunteer rather then a tourist gave me the chance to really experience the culture and get to know the people, many of who i still keep in contact with. Working alongside the teachers in the small primary school is an experience i will never forget, there was a lot more laugher and fun then what i remember of my schooling! As well working in the school i was able to participate in camping and day trips along the river. The amount of wildlife i was able to view was amazing with baby Caiman being a highlight. This program was a once in a lifetime experience that i hope to do again soon!"
Victoria form Australia

"I felt very privileged to be a volunteer in Rewa and as the concept [of volunteering] is still a bit cloudy there it was great to be able to talk to the managers/staff/villagers about why I chose to come, and what made their village and eco-lodge so special in my eyes.
I have never felt so comfortable and welcomed so far from home. The people of Rewa are so genuine, the children are very bright, and the rainforest is of indescribable beauty. "

Tim From Australia

My Volunteer experience at the Amerindian community of with Rewa exceeded all of my expectations. Having spent time living and traveling in diverse places all over the world, I must say that the interior of Guyana offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for a truly raw experience. In addition to the wonderful landscape and wildlife, it was amazing working in conjunction with members of the Rewa Village in their efforts to preserve the rainforest. I will never forget my time in Rewa and recommend a volunteering opportunity to everyone!
Jared from the USA

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