Fronteering Logo

In this blog post we will discuss the thoughts behind our Fronteering Logo and how it relates to our Volunteer abroad projects and adventure travel trips!


Imagine the sounds of night fading away while in the distance the horizon starts to brighten. You wake up listening to a serenade of thousands of tropical birds and an awakening jungle. Parrots fly overhead with their loud squawks, howler monkeys greet the sun with loud voices while you relax a few more minutes in your jungle hammock! Staring through the jungle canopy you see the blue sky lightening up between the trees.
It is this experience common in some of our volunteer projects and adventure travel trips in Central & South America that gave us the idea for our Fronteering Logo. At first sight it may seem like you are looking at a globe but on closer inspection you will find you are looking at blue skies between trees.


Join Fronteering and apply for one of our volunteer or travel experiences for a real adventure that will take you of the beaten path!


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