Coordinator Position Guyana

Assistant Program Coordinator position Guyana
A unique opportunity to play a key role in Fronteering’s Guyana programs.

Start date: December 2013 or January?February 2014
Term of Contract: One year initial commitment preferred
Are you interested? Please send your letter of motivation, resume and a few pictures of yourselft in the outdoors to

The project leader role is one of considerable autonomy which involves taking responsibility for the development and success of Fronteering’s function in Guyana.
It is a challenging, fun and extremely rewarding role. The main duties include: recruiting and supporting volunteers; managing travel arrangements and logistics; managing a budget and other project administration; developing each of the projects and researching new opportunities; maintaining and expanding relationships with a wide range of communities, individuals and organisations;
Based in Guyana, the post holder would initially work along side the current Country Coordinator during an induction period and then remotely through the Director in Canada.
This is a flexible role and requires someone who is extremely independent and self motivated with a very high level of initiative. The position will suit a mature individual with previous experience of project management in developing countries, or someone looking to gain experience as part of a career change into international or community development.
Pay is in the form of meals and accommodation. The costs of in-country travel for the purpose of the work will also be provided. There is the possibility of a stipend after 6 months.



  • Act as the representative of Fronteering for Guyana enquiries, for present and past volunteers and also for communities, government bodies and organisations in-country
  • Respond to emails within 24 hours where possible, and provide information as required
  • Maintain good contact and communication with Fronteering’s head office
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of volunteers by matching skills to projects
  • Produce, check and update information and orientation/induction materials available to volunteers
  • Prepare volunteers for their placements my email and skype and provide advice
  • Organise the efficient reception and deployment of all volunteers taking a lead on travel and logistical arrangements using the Georgetown representative as needed
  • Prepare and provide an induction for the volunteers on their arrival in-country
  • Ensure volunteers are integrated within the community
  • Provide any training necessary to achieve the project work
  • Act as a point of support in particular for younger volunteers, look after the welfare of participants and resolve any conflict should it occur.
  • Provide a cross-cultural link between volunteers and the community as needed
  • Produce regular reports on the progress of the projects
  • Manage the budget and local bank account
  • Keep detailed records of all volunteers and activity at project sites and provide any information the host community require in advance
  • Work with the volunteers to develop and monitor the progress of the projects  
  • Plan the future of projects in detail ensuring they are worthwhile, challenging and enjoyable  
  • Work with the host community and volunteers to ensure the safety of participants
  • Assess any equipment needed and manage equipment kept on site  
  • Research and progress any contact required with Guyanese Ministries or local authority
  • Maintain good relationships with communities, local bodies, key individuals, other organisations, local tourism agencies, related NGOs and projects focused in the region.
  • Create social media posts and write blogs and articles to support Fronteerings marketing and Guyana’s tourism industry
  • Maintain a library of images



  • A high level of interpersonal skills and the ability to listen, empathise and work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds  
  • Willingness to be flexible and put the needs of the community and the volunteers first  
  • Ability to manage a variety of demanding and sometimes conflicting responsibilities in a physically challenging and remote environment  
  • Display effective personal leadership and develop leadership skills of others  
  • Plan logically and in detail producing practical, effective solutions to achieve project aims or overcome problems
  • Office administration experience and IT competence  
  • Ability to acquire and implement new skills quickly  
  • Ability to manage resources effectively and creatively to handle a small budget
  • A good understanding of cultural sensitivities and barriers
  • Previous personal experience of volunteering – preferably overseas



  • A resilient and adventurous personality
  • The ability to work alone as well as in a team
  • The ability to motivate others
  • Physical fitness
  • High attention to detail
  • A good sense of humour!



  • Minimum of one years experience of working in either a developing country, in project management or with communities
  • Experience of working with diverse groups of people from varied backgrounds and cultures
  • Currently certified or with experience and knowledge of first aid and health & safety
  • Experience of traveling to or living in remote locations
  • An interest in or knowledge of environmental issues in particular conservation
  • An understanding of tropical hazards and wildlife
  • A background in development, tourism, environmental studies or other relevant industry. A knowledge of the volunteerism industry would be a distinct advantage



  1. Make a genuine difference to host communities and environments by build long-term relationships with beneficiaries to ensure the projects are worthwhile and sustainable
  2. Get off-the-beaten track in this unique opportunity to explore remote and pristine environments that very few tourists get to see
  3. Experience a unique exchange of cultures and get to know some incredible people you may not otherwise have the chance to meet
  4. Develop your skills and confidence in an exciting and challenging environment whilst helping others to have life changing experiences 
  5. See rare and incredible wildlife; spending so much time in remote locations provides the best chances of unusual sightings
  6. Be a pioneer and develop new projects that have never been done before

Fronteering is based in Canada and facilitates volunteering placements and internships for people of all ages looking for adventurous and meaningful experiences overseas. Fronteering currently operates throughout the Americas with a focus on environmental or animal welfare based initiatives.  In some cases Fronteering provides volunteers for established projects, and in others it works directly with local communities to develop new projects. The aims are twofold: to make a difference to communities who can benefit from the input of volunteers, and to provide an exciting and significant experience to individuals from all over the world.
In Guyana the majority of our focus is supporting small Amerindian communities to develop ecotourism through capacity building and mentoring. Projects also stretch to the wider community where volunteers work with schools and environmental initiatives.  Volunteers first came to Guyana through Fronteering in January 2013 and the programme is in a developmental stage. Guyana is one of the last places in the world that has not yet been developed for tourism and it is an exciting time to be in the country. Fronteering’s is one of the few orgnaisations of its kind providing the opportunity to have a positive and significant impact on the countries environmental and cultural future first hand.

The nature of this role requires the post holder to be immersed in Guyanese life and to have a fully flexible timetable.
The post holder would spend most of their time in the interior of the country, coordinating current projects and overseeing the initiation of projects at new sites. The location includes two major environments; humid rainforest and dry savannah. Both are very warm all year round with one major rainy season. The post requires a certain amount of movement between sites using a combination of boat, 4x4, bus and motorbike, and journeys are always an adventure! Most bases have beds with nets, but occasionally it is necessary to stay in a hammock in basic accommodation.
Occasionally it may be necessary to travel to the capital, Georgetown, in order to deal with Ministry related issues.


Start date: December 2013 or January/February 2014
Term of Contract: One year initial commitment preferred
Are you interested? Please send your letter of motivation, resume and a few pictures of yourselft in the outdoors to



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