The Brasil experience

If you are looking for a real adventure Trevor from Canada who recently finished his Amazon Guide experience in Brazil highly recommends you to take a look at: Trevor's South America Blog

For More information about the project please click here: Amazon Guide brazil

A short preview from his blog:

"Today I set a 6 am alarm to wake up for the jungle - my next adventure awaited. Not a couple minutes after I pulled up my jungle pants and put on my backpack, were we on the road. Today's trip to the jungle wasn't to tour any clients, this was a surveillance trip. The land that Jaguar works on is also an area that they protect (from poachers, loggers, etc.) and routinely, they set out on hikes through the land to make sure nothing is happening"

 Not only did Trevor have a great experience he even was lucky enough to see a wild Jaguar in the rainforest!

"After a fair bit more walking than we took the family on yesterday, we were suddenly told to stop talking and be as quiet as possible. The guides had spotted something that they didn't want spooked. Slowly, step by step we silently caught up with them and looked straight up a tree, so tall that you could probably climb it to heaven. Looking up as high as I could, I saw a black mass on one of the branches - a jaguar. Such a cool sighting - i still don't know how the guides saw it so high up. Even with my camera on full zoom, I couldn't take one recognizable picture. You'll just have to take my word on this one - it was really cool"


"The whole experience was amazing! They were such a loving family and i learned so much being with them. I picked up a whole lot of the portuguese too, which i'm using quite successfully in Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you want the full run down, i kept a log of my travels by posting in a blog everyday - I put a bunch of pictures there too. Anyway, hope you're doing well. We'll chat in person when i return the beginning of september!"

Trevor From Canada

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