6 activities on Kangaroo Island!

6 essential nature activities for volunteers on Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island is known as a “natural zoo” without enclosures. As a haven for Aussie wildlife, this picturesque destination a few hours from the city of Adelaide in South Australia is a popular spot for international visitors to get up close to Australian animals. During a volunteering experience at the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in some exciting nature activities - here’s a few of our suggestions on how to spend your time on Kangaroo Island!

1. Meet the amazing wildlife

The best part of volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary is of course - the animals! You’ll meet some amazing wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, and nocturnal animals such as possums and bats. Once you’ve become familiar with the sanctuary, you’ll get to share this experience with visitors by taking them on a guided wildlife-spotting walk. It won’t take long before you become an expert on these critters!

2. See spectacular rock formations

Neighbouring the wildlife sanctuary is Flinders Chase National Park which holds some mind-blowing rock formations. Visit the famous Remarkable Rocks, featuring huge boulders smoothed by years of erosion, or see Admirals Arch with its natural cliff arch shaped by weathering from the sea. On the other side of the sanctuary is Kelly Hill Caves - an underground maze ready for you to explore on a caving expedition. 

3. Discover the marine life

Kangaroo Island’s location on the Great Australian Bight offers the opportunity to discover the ocean’s marine life. In your free time, choose to take a whale watching cruise to spot Southern Wright Whales as they migrate along the coast, or visit a sea lion colony in the conservation park at Seal Bay. You can even swim with dolphins on a marine adventure cruise!


4. Stare at the stars

With the lowest levels of light pollution in South Australia, Kangaroo Island the perfect place to stargaze. At your farmstay next to the wildlife sanctuary, you can search the night sky for constellations visible only in the Southern Hemisphere, like the Southern Cross, and watch for shooting stars. This is truly the dreamiest way to spend your evenings.

5. Hit up the beach

The beaches on Kangaroo Island are known for their perfect white sand and swimmable turquoise waters. Spend your days off relaxing with a picnic at Vivonne Bay, or lay out a beach towel at Emu Bay for a perfect afternoon of sun and surf.

6. Get deep into nature

If you need a break from city life, Kangaroo Island is the place to be! As part of the volunteer experience, you’ll get to spend time exploring the island’s grassy hills and bushland, researching local fauna and making sure the landscape is in a good condition for the native Australian animals. It doesn’t get much more natural than this.

Convinced that Kangaroo Island is the place to be? We thought so! You can spend 2-4 weeks in nature looking after the local wildlife on Kangaroo Island and tick these experiences off the bucket list. See our volunteer opportunities to find out more information and sign up for the program.

Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary on Kangaroo Island

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