Join now to volunteer abroad in Guyana, South America one of the most uninhabited countries in the world with most of its land covered in virginal tropical rainforest and is one of the last havens for wildlife and Amerindian tribes, a last true paradise. The only English speaking country in South America Guyana is roughly divided in three parts; the coast with its beaches and mangrove forests where the majority 750,000 inhabitants live, the Savanna Bowl where most of Guyana's ranchers live keeping true to the Vaquero (cowboy) way of live as they have done for centuries and the vast jungle which covers 80% of the country where many Amerindian communities are trying to hold on to their way of live as they have for thousands of years. Under threat of Loggers, Miners and Poachers Guyana is in need of volunteers to help sustain and preserve its jungle, wildlife and indigenous communities. Guyana is an exciting volunteer abroad destination with great volunteer opportunities which you will not want to miss!

eco-lodge, conservation & Ranch

We invite you to the Rupununi; a place of rolling grasslands, where the endless savannah meets the clouds in an endless sky. In our corner of the world, the people are still friendly, the rainforests intact and there is always a good reason to sit and enjoy the sunset with a cold drink and friends, old or new!

4 Weeks Starting for
  • Location Guyana
  • Continent South America
  • Type Wildlife Care
  • Duration 4, 6 or 8 weeks
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