Who never dreamed of traveling to the USA and view the remains of the old Wild West, gaze with awe at the Grand Canyon, visit the statue of Liberty and see alligators in the wild! Why not combine it with the amazing opportunity to help, rescue and rehabilitate orphaned, abandoned and injured wildlife? This is an excellent experience to not only help with a great cause while gaining valuable widllife experience but it is also a great way to improve your English! The USA offers many great volunteer oppertunities for those who love a mix of wildlife & Culture. From Florida in the east, Hawaii in the far west and Arizone in the mid Fronteering offers great volunteer abroad projects in the United States of America that you do not want to miss!

Raptor Rehab USA

Ever wanted to help, rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured birds of prey? They are in need for help all  year round! Travel now to the beautiful state of Oregon in the USA!

8 Weeks For
  • Location USA
  • Continent North America
  • Type Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Duration 8 weeks

Wild Horse Rescue

Take this exciting opportunity to care for rescued wild Mustang horses! The wild Mustang horse often called the Spirit of the West is in need of your help! Volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks up to a maximum of 12 weeks (Please note that we do not have a maximum number of weeks – we encourage longer stays, so volunteers can really get to know our horses.12 weeks is usually the longest time a volunteer usually stays for) at this great project in Florida! Care for the horses, clean their stables, feed them, wash them, socialize with them and go for horse trail rides! Travel to Florida's east coast to a ranch locked between forests, lagoons and the ocean with its beautiful beaches! 

2 Weeks for
  • Location USA
  • Continent North America
  • Type Wildlife Rescue & Rehab
  • Duration 2 - 12 weeks

Farm Animal Rescue Cali

Take up this amazing opportunity to volunteer with horses, cows, sheep, goats and other animals at a rescue Sanctuary located in Santa Clarita, California! Become a volunteer now and work along an amazing team in their daily activities of rescuing abused, sick, neglected and old animals! 

4 Weeks for
  • Location USA
  • Continent North America
  • Type Horse Sanctuary
  • Duration 4 - 8 weeks

Children’s Autism & Horse Therapy

Come now and enjoy the picturesque Children’s Autism & Horse Therapy Ranch, nestled among the rolling hills of beautiful southern Mississippi! Here you have an amazing opportunity to volunteer at a 200‐acre ranch (with an additional 800 acre to ride or hike on) and spend all day around amazing horses! 

1 Week for
  • Location USA
  • Continent North America
  • Type Children's Autism & Horse Therapy Ranch
  • Duration 1 - 4 weeks

Texas Wildlife Care

Planning a trip to the United States? How about making your trip worthwhile by becoming a volunteer? Come now and take part in this amazing volunteering opportunity to nurture, care and rehabilitate wildlife at our Texas Wildlife Care project located in Houston, Texas!

4 Weeks For
  • Location USA
  • Continent North America
  • Type Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Duration 4 weeks

Husky Ranch Alaska

Wild, unspoiled, remote and mysterious, Alaska blows your mind away and brings out your spirit of adventure! Visit us now for an unforgettable experience as you become a volunteer and learn off-grid living, dog care and best of all, dog mushing! Come join us now at our Husky Ranch Alaska project!

6 Weeks For
  • Location USA
  • Continent North America
  • Type Husky Ranch
  • Duration 6 - 12 weeks
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