Europe might not seem as the most adventurous destination in the world but leave it up to Fronteering to take you in the wildest corners of Europe like the Scottish Highlands, the Dona Delta of Romania and the Coto Donana National Park of Southern Spain. Fronteering does not only arrange volunteer abroad programs in the most remote places of this world but also on unique locations. One of the beautiful developments of Europe is that wildlife numbers are bouncing back and as the European human populations are shrinking nature is taking back it's long lost territories! Join Fronteering and help volunteering in Wildlife & Environmental conservation, research and wildlife rehab and rescue.

highland conservation

Venture in to the spectaculiar Scotland and volunteer abroad taking parth in wildlife and environmental conservation in the remote Scottish Highlands to protect wildife like the Europen Wild Cat, White-Tailed Eagler, European Otter, European Otter, Osprey and Golden Eagle!

8 Weeks for
  • Location Scotland
  • Continent Europe
  • Type Wildlife Conservation!
  • Duration 8-24 weeks

Husky Ranch Scotland

Combining breath-taking scenery, one-of-a-kind art and science museums, and castles found nowhere else, Scotland is one of the most gorgeous places on earth! While visiting this amazing place, take the opportunity to be a part of our Husky Ranch Scotland project to experience off-grid living, dog care and best of all, dog mushing!

4 Weeks for
  • Location Scotland
  • Continent Europe
  • Type Husky Ranch
  • Duration 4-12 weeks

Iceland Conservation

Help protect and preserve Iceland's beautiful naturee and raise awareness of sustainability among the locals and visitors in beautiful Iceland. Together with other international volunteers, you can share your knowledge, help out with preserving this magnicifent island hile enjoying the beauty of the nature that is Iceland!

4 Weeks For
  • Location Iceland
  • Continent Europe
  • Type Environmental Volunteering
  • Duration 4 - 12 weeks

Wolf Conservation & Sanctuary

Join our Wolf recovery project to help protect and rehabilitate Iberian wolves as these species are being threatened mainly by the intense persecution driven by the human population. Wolves need adequate refuge and wildlife preys to survive but with the growing population of farms, protection of livestock is priority. 

12 days for
  • Location Portugal
  • Continent Europe
  • Type Animal Sanctuary
  • Duration 12 - 24 days
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